Environmental, Social, and Governance

Environmental Impact

By investing in new and modern homes we aim to accelerate the transition to net zero through investment in homes with lower operational carbon footprint. Portfolio features include:

  • Cycle storage
  • Solar panels
  • Sustainable drainage systems
  • Rainwater recycling
  • Low carbon communities
  • Electric car charging points
  • Public amenity space
  • Protected natural habitats
  • Dedicated cycleways
  • Wildlife migration routes

Positive Social Impact

Across the UK investments by Hearthstone have increased the provision of good quality and well-maintained homes to residents on average incomes including key workers. Our investment strategy identifies areas with particular undersupply of good quality housing. Through our investments housebuilders have an exit route and can therefore deploy their resources in the development of additional housing. It is in our and our investors interests to maintain properties to good standards, offer long tenures and ensure residents like their homes. We conduct resident satisfaction surveys and have our own staff on the ground to resolve issues swiftly. We ensure our homes are in attractive areas with good transport connections, infrastructure, schools, local amenities and access to green space.


Our operations are underpinned by robust processes which ensure compliance with regulations and constitutional terms, and ensure our teams and third party providers have the right skills and work with care and diligence on behalf of our investors and residents. We collaborate closely with our AIFM partners as well as industry bodies to ensure our governance keeps pace with changing regulations and investor needs.