TM home investor fund

Residential property investing for everyone. The TM home investor fund allows to invest in 200 properties across the UK by holding one single fund. The fund, regulated by the FCA, has been set up in 2012 and has an established 6 year track record.


Investment Objective

The fund has a Total Return objective, aiming to capture UK house price growth and provide an income from rents.

Fund Size

£60 Million (At end of September 2019)

Investment Strategy

The fund invests 85-90% of assets directly in flats and houses across the UK. The remainder is held in cash and liquid instruments. The fund has no gearing or leverage, offers daily liquidity (i.e. investors can subscribe and redeem on a daily basis). Currently, the fund holds no properties in Central London, and focuses on new and modern 2 and 3 bedroom houses and flats.

Fund Structure & Governance

The fund is FCA authorised as a Non-UCITS Retail Scheme (NURS). It is an open-ended OEIC, with tax-efficient PAIF status.


The fund is available and permitted via a ISAs and SIPPs.

4 reasons to invest in the TM home investor fund:


1. An alternative to Buy-To-Let

With recent tax changes, Buy-To-Let investing has become less attractive for many. Investing in a fund that holds residential property can be more tax-efficient and is hassle-free.

2. Saving for a Deposit.

The fund could be relevant for investors saving for a deposit, whether first time buyers, or parents, grandparents and friends helping others get onto the property ladder.

3. A building block in a diversified portfolio

Residential property can be an valuable additional component of a diversified portfolio of Equities, Bonds and Commerical Property.

4. A source of income

Fund investors benefit from the rental income from nearly 200 homes in the fund.

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This fund is advised by

Hearthstone Asset Management Limited

Hearthstone Investments PLC is the parent company of the Hearthstone Investments Group. Regulated business is carried out by Hearthstone Asset Management Limited. Hearthstone Asset Management Limited is an appointed representative of Thesis Asset Management Limited which is Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (114354).

The Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) of the TM home investor fund is Thesis Unit Trust Management Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our Team

Alan Collett, FRICS

Fund Manager

Cedric Bucher, CFA

Chief Executive

Stuart Springham, MRICS

Investment Manager

Darren Stent

Head of Business Development

Dave Hall

Business Development Manager (South West)

Andrew Smith

Partner - Chief Investment Officer

Iman Askari

Business Development Manager (Wholesale)

Richard Smith

Business Development Manager (South East)

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