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Residential creating win-win opportunities

Banks and Building Societies

We are talking to banks and building societies about how the fund can be part of their investment offerings, a direct-to-consumer approach with particular significance to their more risk averse customers.


Networks and nationals

For networks and nationals, we see an opportunity for you to open up new segments of the market and give your members and RI’s an extra facet to their client advice. There is also considerable opportunity to build relatively easy new business prior to the impact of RDR. Large numbers of your client base have been offered equity ISA products for years and may not be aware that they can now switch into a residential holding. We believe the volumes involved in both ISA switches and SIPP allocations for this fund could be very substantial.


For platforms, we understand the need for you to focus resources on investment funds that exhibit strong demand from your client firms. In this case, we can share research and feedback which supports your understanding of our fund's future size, and agree sensible ways of working together to stimulate interest in the residential sector. We can also assist with your consideration of PAIF implementation, using the experience gained in creating and launching the fourth PAIF in the UK and the first within residential.

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