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The TM Hearthstone UK Residential Property Fund invests in a portfolio of professionally managed properties and aims to match or exceed the growth in the UK House Price Index  across England, Scotland and Wales.
The Fund may also benefit from residual rental income which is reinvested back into the Fund.

10 Excellent Reasons...why you should think about investing in UK residential property with Hearthstone.

1. Scale

It’s the UK’s largest asset class, estimated at over £5 trillion.

2. Familiarity

It’s the UK’s most familiar asset class.

3. Potential

Has demonstrated robust returns when compared to other major asset classes over the long term..

4. Low volatility

Has historically delivered stable returns.

5. Diversification

Low correlation with other asset classes can enhance the risk/reward characteristics of a balanced portfolio.

6. Economies of scale

Pooled investment fund buying properties at heavily negotiated prices and managing them efficiently.

7. Accessible

FCA authorised for retail clients and available from as little as a £1,000 lump sum, or £50 per month.

8. Liquidity

A daily priced fund in an asset class which is larger, more flexible and liquid than commercial property.

9. Tax-efficiency

PAIF* structure, can be held in SIPPs, ISAs and Offshore Bonds.

10. Expertise 

Some of the UK’s most experienced residential fund managers brought together with data from Acadametrics and Connells.

*PAIF - Property Authorised Investment Fund.

Important information: Investors in the fund may get back less than the amount invested. Information on past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. The value of investments in the fund can go down, and there can be no assurance that any appreciation in the value of investments will occur.
Residential property values are affected by factors such as interest rates, economic growth, fluctuations in property yields and tenant default. Property investments are relatively illiquid compared to bonds and equities, and can take a significant amount of time to trade.
References to tax and taxation are based on our interpretation of tax legislation which may be subject to change. Hearthstone recommends that investors seek advice from an authorised financial adviser or tax specialist as the impact of taxation will depend on individual circumstances.

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